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        Central China region

        2014-07-08 14:23
         Hubei Shanghai-Chengdu west    

        Hubei Province
        Project name construction unit
        Shanghai-chengdu west highway China railway 20th bureau, China railway 16th bureau, China GeZhou dam water Resources and Hydropower Engineering group co., LTD
        Wuhan City HeZuo highway China railway 7th bureau
        Yichang-Baokang highway China 17th bureau,Hubei Road and Bridge Group,Hubei Yangtze river Road and Bridge company, CCCC First highway bureau,CCCC Second highway bureau
        Enshi-Qiangjiang River highway and Enshi-Laifeng highway Wuhan Shihun building engineering company, Liaoning road &bridge construction Group,CCCC Second Harbor Engineering

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