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        • Product Name: Smart Cycle prestressed grouting system


        ● Smart Cycle prestressed grouting system is suitable for the construction of prestressed duct grouting.

        ● slurry water-cement ratio detection
             The system automatically calculates the weight ratio of water-cement slurry added materials (water, cement, grouting agents), and only when the slurry water-cement ratio is within the acceptable range to (automatically) into the slurry storage barrel. (Highway bridge construction technology meets specifications JTG/F50-2011, slurry water-cement ratio should be 0.26 to 0.28).
        ● slurry pipeline continued to exclude air circulation
             The slurry circulation loop circuit is formed, continuing the cycle to drive the air discharge duct. Increased pore pressure slurry can be discharged within the debris, eliminating grouting not dense factors.
        ● precise adjustment and maintenance grouting pressure to ensure filling of the pipeline grouting under constant pressure conditions continue
             Monitor tank through the instrument of pressure grouting pipeline data to monitor, control systems based on real-time feedback to adjust the data to pressure pump control. Pressure loss along the way to ensure that the pressure in the pipeline still meet the minimum specifications required pressure value (in line with highway bridge construction specifications (JTG/F50-2011) "on the level or curve pipes, grouting pressure is preferably 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa closed out the pulp A port should be maintained after the voltage is not less than the period of 0.5MPa, the regulation of the holding time is preferably 3 to 5 minutes ").
        ● specification grouting process, the quality of a true record of grouting
             Controlled by a computer program to complete the grouting work, to avoid the influence of human operations, environmental and other factors on the quality of grouting; various data detection system accurately monitor slurry of water-cement ratio, grouting pressure regulator time, flow, and effectively meet the specifications and design requirements. The computer automatically records the data of the whole process of grouting.


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