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        • Product Name: Tensioned prestressed intelligent CNC system


        ● tensioned prestressed intelligent CNC system is suitable for pre-tensioned, post-tensioned tensioning. 
        ● double top or top synchronized tensioning, automatic measurement of hydraulic and top elongation, with "force and elongation of the" dual control features to tensile force to the master, supplemented by controlled elongation, tensile force control precision can reach 1% FS. 
        ● Tension with manual and automatic tensioning function. Automatic tension, tensile force automatic classification (10%, 20%, 50%, 100%, automatic or manual override sheets) control, to achieve each level pre-tensioning force automatically after a preset time by holding charge or packing, in tensile elongation values ​​automatic calibration process to determine eligibility tension on the elongation of long or less automatic shutdown prompted, according to the results of actual tensioned automatically or manually fill sheets.
        ● After the hydraulic circuit system with self-locking function, can keep for a long time to stop the oil tanks unchanged. 
        ● CNC hydraulic pump station master station configuration software systems industrial touch screen computer operation, friendly interface, easy to use, with good human-computer interaction. 
        ● CNC hydraulic pump station master station, CNC hydraulic pump station, deputy station and data monitoring computers connected via a wireless network, for easy movement at the site. 
        ● system with standardized integration features, standard master pumping station, pumping stations can be configured to form multi-point plurality of sub-synchronous tensioning system as needed. 
        ● The system can be tensioned according to the conditions required before the tension, according to pre-set tension sequence the entire beam parameters for each channel tension, tension when simply tune out the sequence number, simply press the start button, you can a button to complete the tension, truly intelligent operation. 
        ● The system has the power and memory, even unexpected power outage stretching process, the data will not be lost, but also to maintain the front again after power outage state, proceed tension. 
        ● mirrored storage technology using multiple real-time data recording tension, while the console inside the storage unit and the touch screen computer with data stored in a tensioned. 
        ● report is automatically generated, no other people organize data, connect the printer ready to print.



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